You have many options for your commercial roofing needs here in Midland, TX. And while it’s great to have options, it can be tough to narrow down which commercial roofing specialist is right for you. Here at Aubrey Ryan Construction, we feel it’s all about asking the right questions! When deciding on a commercial roofer, getting the right answers to the right questions will make your choice much easier. So, here are the five key questions to ask before you hire a commercial roofing specialist in Midland, TX.

Can you provide proof of proper licensing and insurance?

This question is all about weeding out potentially unscrupulous roofers. Any legitimate and professional commercial roofing company in Midland, TX should be able to provide proof of insurance as well as the licensing to work in Texas. Insurance is especially important when it comes to liability. If something happens to a worker whose company does not have liability insurance, you as the homeowner can be held financially responsible. Thus, it never hurts to ask this question right away—and turn down any roofer without the right paperwork.

Do you have prior commercial roofing experience in Midland, TX?

Many roofers claim to be commercial roofers, but you’d be surprised how many lack real experience in the industry. And while everyone has to start somewhere, it’s not always fun being a company’s first crack at commercial roofing. Ask each company about their experience in commercial roofing, particularly any prior work they’ve done in Midland, TX. Local experience is especially desirable, as this demonstrates their familiarity with the area and its unique regulations.

Can you provide references?

Even better than experience, a reference or recommendation demonstrates that a company’s prior work was good enough to warrant praise from past customers. Especially valuable here are references for roofing jobs similar to yours. If they’ve done a satisfactory job on a roof like yours in the past, you can be more confident they’ll handle your roofing project without issue.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

Even skilled roofers can make mistakes and reliable roofing materials can fail. That makes a warranty or guarantee a valuable source of peace of mind. Many commercial roofing professionals in Midland, TX and elsewhere will offer some form of workmanship guarantee. This means you’re covered in the event that something went wrong during the installation process. Roofing products are also often covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on your roofer’s relationship with the manufacturer (Aubrey Ryan is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, for instance), they may be able to offer even better warranties than their competitors. 

Do you offer a roof maintenance program?

Once your new commercial roof is installed, it’s important to establish a maintenance regimen. And if you find yourself satisfied with your new commercial roof, it’s probably a good idea to partner with the company that installed it. Before beginning your commercial roofing project, ask each company about their roof maintenance services. If they offer a full maintenance program, that’s a point in their favor as you’ll know you have a commercial roofing partner to take care of your roof throughout its lifespan.

Aubrey Ryan Construction Is Your Midland, TX Commercial Roofing Partner!

From repairs to replacement and everything in between, Aubrey Ryan Construction is the go-to commercial roofing partner for businesses and property owners in Midland, TX. We offer a full slate of commercial roofing services to suit the needs of both commercial and multi-unit residential buildings. If you’re in need of commercial roofing services, we’re ready to work with you! Contact us today to get started with a complimentary roof inspection.