With so many roofing companies to choose from in Midland, TX, it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to compare your options. Each roofing company will present their case well, but how do you narrow down your list? Here at Aubrey Ryan Construction, of course we want to be your roofing contractor of choice. But no matter who you wind up choosing, there are a few key factors you should be weighing before making your decision. So today, we’re sharing some tips on how to compare Midland, TX roofing companies and find the right roofer for your needs!

Reviews and ratings

A good place to start when comparing roofing companies is to check the reviews for local contractors here in Midland, TX. While it’s not as simple as just picking the contractor with the best rating, this is a great way to generate a shortlist of candidates. Typically, you’ll want to consider contractors with a fair number of reviews (at least 20-30) and a 4.0-4.5 rating or better. If your list is too long, you can always make those cutoffs more stringent! In addition to Google Reviews, be sure to check resources like the Better Business Bureau as well for a complete picture.

Contracting experience

While every company has to start somewhere, hiring inexperienced roofers to work on your home is always a gamble. As you look into each roofing company you’re considering, take a look at how long they’ve been in the contracting business. More experienced companies tend to be more trustworthy, as you can be confident they’ll be around to make good on warranties. Additionally, established contractors will be more adept at navigating tricky roofing projects and will be better prepared to help deal with insurance carriers, as well. You may have to pay slightly more to hire an experienced contractor, but that investment in your roof is well worth it.

Manufacturer relationships

Another benefit of hiring a contractor with a lot of experience is that they’re more likely to have exclusive relationships with manufacturers in the industry. For example, here at Aubrey Ryan Construction, we’re an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means we meet specific standards for reliability and quality, and it allows us to offer an exclusive extended warranty on Owens Corning products. These kinds of manufacturer relationships are very beneficial to customers, and it’s something you’ll want to look for as you sift through Midland, TX roofing companies.

Communication and transparency

You never want to be left in the dark when a contractor is working on something as important as your roof. So as you begin contacting roofing companies for quotes, take note of how well they communicate with you. If a company takes a long time to get back to you, it’s unlikely that they’ll be easier to communicate with throughout your roofing project. On the other hand, roofing companies that make an effort to be responsive and transparent are typically a better choice. They’ll be more upfront with you about how your roofing project is going, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here at Aubrey Ryan Construction, we’ve built our company around being a transparent roofing contractor. We have a lot of respect for other roofers who do the same!

Aubrey Ryan Construction: Leaders Among Roofing Companies in Midland, TX

Professionalism, integrity, and communication—these are the values we’ve built our company on here at Aubrey Ryan Construction. With more than two decades of contracting experience, we know what it takes to repair, replace, or restore your roof. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial roofing project, we always stay in close contact with you throughout the project while providing the best workmanship possible for your roof. We’re also proud to have a 5.0-star rating on Google Reviews! As one of the most trusted roofing companies in Midland, TX, we hope you’ll consider Aubrey Ryan for your next roofing project. Contact us today!