When Nature Strikes

At Aubrey Ryan Construction, we believe we are lucky to live in the beautiful state of Texas but it means dealing with hailstorms and high-speed winds on a regular basis. If your home or business has been recently affected by hard weather, there may be damages to the exterior of your property. We offer hail damage repair in Midland, Odessa and the surrounding areas for both the residential roofing and commercial roofing markets.

The damages can sometimes be difficult to see to the untrained eye so we suggest scheduling a complimentary inspection; however, there are key things to look for. After a storm, search for: cracked or raised roof shingles, missing shingles, dents on downspouts, and water spots on the ceiling in the interior of your building.

To be safe, get in touch with Aubrey Ryan Construction for a professional roof inspection. If we see damages, our team will help you with the insurance and storm restoration process.

The Storm Restoration Process

Our team of roofing professionals understands the stress and confusion that comes along with restoring your home after a storm. This is why we simplify it and assist you with each step of the roof restoration process.


The first step of the restoration process begins with scheduling a complimentary inspection to make sure there is damage.

Insurance Process

The next step is the insurance process. This can be confusing, but it is important and our team holds your hand throughout it.

Roof Replacement

Once the insurance claim is approved and the contract is signed, our team will complete the roof replacement and clean up afterwards.

Helping You With The Insurance Process

When it comes to storm restoration, dealing with your insurance company can feel like a daunting task. At Aubrey Ryan Construction, we understand these fears, which is why we help you throughout the process. Our team assists you with the communications to your insurance company and helps with the filing of the insurance claim. Here are key items to look for that may help you get your insurance claim approved.

Missing Shingles

After a storm with high-winds, it is common for shingles to be lifted and go missing from the roof. This leaves you with an ineffective roofing system.

Cracked or Raised Shingles

Hail stones come crashing down from the sky in Texas during storm season. In some cases, you’ll notice cracked or raised shingles that need to be replaced.

Dents on Downspouts

Many times after a hailstorm, there will be damage to your gutters and downspouts. This usually means there is additional damages to your roof.

Get In Touch!

If you’re looking to schedule a complimentary roof inspection or have any questions regarding the exteriors of your property, please get in touch. One of our roofing professionals will be able to assist you.